Outdoor giant Globetrotter conquers the ‘Kö’

Visualization Königsallee 88 facade with Globetrotter store in basement

With a loud bang in Düsseldorf’s shopping world, the first flagship store of Hamburg’s outdoor chain Globetrotter is opening in Düsseldorf today on an area of approximately 1,000 square metres. Globetrotter, one of Europe’s largest dealers for leisure and travel equipment with nine branches and two outlets across Germany. Globetrotter is taking over the former sales area of Victorinox on three floors in Königsallee 88, securing its place in the front row. The new branch concept is based on the high level of consultation and experience-oriented store design that is known from Globetrotter. The lessor will be the Real Estate AG of Kö-legend Walter Brune.

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