Best prerequisites for good business
Best prerequisites for good business
Best prerequisites for good business
Best prerequisites for good business
In addition to customer frequency and location for walk-in customers, the size, equipment and alignment of business rooms are decisive for corporate success. As experienced real estate specialists, we have limited our own portfolio to highly privileged properties. Many alternatives are available for particularly exclusive business locations in the Königsallee. They are valued as an innovative platform by a diverse range of industries.
Brune Immobilien Gruppe has achieved particularly comprehensive success in the development and management of shopping and district centres ever since its very first days. The best example for this is the Klemensviertel, located centrally in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth. The vibrant mixture of office areas in high demand, modern shops and ambitious flats around a generously sized square makes the location particularly desirable beyond the district for all tenants and citizens.

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Königsallee 88

Königsallee 96

Am Wehrhahn 36

Schadowstraße 84

Jacobistraße 7

Schadowstraße 86/88

Location, location, location – This truism has actually proven true multiple times in particular where shops are concerned. Our town houses are always located in urban environments in high demand, in areas with a large number of passers-by and as many parking opportunities in direct proximity as possible. Apart from comfortable accessibility, the timeless architecture and customised equipment also increase the value of the city's business addresses.
„The caretakers' team is always available to us. Their exemplary support in terms of building service leaves us free to fully focus on our customers and offer them a relaxed shopping experience.“
Milan Jovanovic-Mosler, Store Manager Am Wehrhahn 36, dm-drogerie markt

More tenant service per employee?

As a tenant, you can rely on our professional tenant service. We will gladly provide further information and the latest market data on the currently vacant shops or offices and practice areas. Please call or email me.

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